Reach Out

/behing the song

/Couldn’t remember exactly when I wrote this, but it’s about me sending a message to my younger self.

/I was too proud to admit that I needed help, and that nearly drove me crazy.

/So, if you are going through something, please reach out, there’s someone who is willing to give you a helping hand.

Reach out
If you can’t trust your heart
And your head spinning, your hands shaking

Reach out
When you find yourself in the dark
Nothing seems to make you laugh

Reach out
I know that life is hard
In the world full of chaos

Reach out
If you are feeling all alone
hoping to take back control

Reach out
When you stumble upon the shadow
All you can see is your ghost

Reach out
Try to go with the flow
Do your best, let life run its course

Reach out
You will find the way back home
one small step at a time

You are worthy of love
Yes you do
Like everyone does

All you have to do is
Reach out

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