Fire And The Flood

/behind the song

/I wrote this one from the perspective of our Mother Earth after seeing news about the escalating and fastening environmental issues around the world.

/It is particularly relevant now with the Amazon Fire, North Pole temperature rising.

/We as humans have taken too much from the Earth for our interests. Now she is sending us messages to remind us that we have to change our way of living. Act now, speak up, do whatever we can, for us, for our future generations. Our beautiful Mother Nature has given us so much; it’s time that we repay the favor.

Not too long ago

I was surrounded by creatures

Mountains to oceans

Trees were green and the birds flied high

But it’s getting hard for me to find them anywhere

Can you see the fire now?

Smokes thickened by chemicals

I find it impossible to breathe

Can you see the flood coming

Higher and higher

Ice melting, I’m drowning

A thick grey haze swallows the sun

Street lights struggle to shine through

Particulate matter threatens the living

Scratches and wounds all over my body

My time is running out

I fear that

Not even a rain can put out all the flames

I hope there won’t come a day

All I’ve left is stone

Where birds never sing and the sky is forever grey

5C to the point of no return

Are you ready to face the consequences?

Oh look at the fire burning

Listen to the flood roaring

Your overflowing greed and insatiable needs

Hurt me deeply

Now my condition keeps on worsening

I have no choice but to send out the warnings


Fire and the flood

Eating me up

Fire and the flood

Eating me up

Fire and the flood

Eating me up

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