More Than A Life

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I can’t recall exactly when I wrote this,

but it’s after a mass shooting happened in America.

My heart broke into pieces seeing those news.

Every lives that’s been taken away means so much more than a name on TV screens.

Hope the decision makers over there take actual step to start regulate guns.

No more violence

Not a target on the screen

Not a number that’s counting

Flash and blood with hopes and dreams

Less than a minute

All is taken away 

Forever lost and gone

How are we going to carry this weight

Of more than a life

Oh more than a life

I want to know

What has the society done wrong 

that made you do the unthinkable that cause so much sorrow

I only know that vengeance isn’t the answer

that we should be looking for 

What does it take to save a life 

When we are so easy to be deprived 

What does it take to restore the trust

When there’s too much hate

Love is not enough 

I only hope

Something could bring us back

What are we missing 

What are we missing

Is it forgiveness 

Is it compassion 

Is it sympathy 

Or is it understanding 

We gotta figure something out 

Don’t you feel sick and tired of feeling powerless 

What to do to fight against such violence 

Too much at stake 

Already lost too great

It’s naive to think that we can turn back time

But we’ve got to keep trying to save

more than a life

more than a life

I still believe in humanity

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