I used to think that I have to find

Another half of me

To feel complete

a hopeless romantic

Always wears my heart on my sleeves

searching for something

One day it dawns on me

I do belong

I belong to NATURE

I am a complete being

I’m never alone

On my own but

Fully fulfilled

Instead of longing

waiting for that special someone

Setting up endless checkboxes

I choose to keep my options open

But keep a safe distance

Maybe I’ve built a wall too high

Now I’m willing to break it down

Piece by piece

Layer after layer

I believe, I know

There is someone, somewhere

Who is ready

or rather,

Willing to walk this journey with me

Beside me

I’m hoping

I’m hopeful

And grateful for every encounter so far

If I’ve ever hurt you

I’m sorry that I did not stand my ground

I can feel the wheel of fate rolling

It’s time to depart


And hello

To a new beginning

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