As an overthinking perfectionist

my lifelong learning would be

how to let go

Often, I’ve to remind myself that

80/100 is good enough

What about you?

If you only have one question

I’ll tell you to find more

If you have a million questions

I’ll give you a simple response

If you have nothing to ask

I know you already have an answer

Or the ability to keep on finding


To be vulnerable

To be courageous

To be fearless

To trust

To forgive

To love

To live

To be

It is through those questions

That we discover our true self

The acceptance of all

Then we grow into


bigger than ourselves


We embark on another journey

So that

In the end

we can peacefully let go

Knowing that we’ve given

all that we could

To the world

Hoping that someone would

pass on the torch

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