/Behind the song /A continuation of the song Reach Out. I would say this is about me acknowledged and accepted that my dark side is a part of me. I’m trying to maintain a positive attitude towards those moments so that I can keep moving forward. Stepped into the nighthiding in plain sight Impossible to […]

I can’t recall exactly when I wrote this, but it’s after a mass shooting happened in America. My heart broke into pieces seeing those news. Every lives that’s been taken away means so much more than a name on TV screens. Hope the decision makers over there take actual step to start regulate guns. Not […]

/behind the song /I wrote this one from the perspective of our Mother Earth after seeing news about the escalating and fastening environmental issues around the world. /It is particularly relevant now with the Amazon Fire, North Pole temperature rising. /We as humans have taken too much from the Earth for our interests. Now she […]

/behing the song /Couldn’t remember exactly when I wrote this, but it’s about me sending a message to my younger self. /I was too proud to admit that I needed help, and that nearly drove me crazy. /So, if you are going through something, please reach out, there’s someone who is willing to give you […]