Hiya, in memory of Grandpa T, who recently passed away, I started an online fundraising page through Just Giving. All your donations will go directly to inara.org. It’s an wonderful nonprofit that helps war wounded children to get the medical care that they need. I’ll host and perform in a livestreaming concert at Dec. 21th 22:00 […]

/Behind the song /A continuation of the song Reach Out. I would say this is about me acknowledged and accepted that my dark side is a part of me. I’m trying to maintain a positive attitude towards those moments so that I can keep moving forward. Stepped into the nighthiding in plain sight Impossible to […]

2019 marked the 20th year of this festival. I haven’t got time to join in the past few years due to my busy schedule. This year, I decided to join the fun and tried to capture the vibrating atmosphere through a camera. Here are the highlights from the last day (Sunday, Oct. 20th) of the […]